The journey so far…

As i started down the road, cycling the 20 miles up to work for the first time, the words ‘am i crazy, i’ll never make it’ were running through my head. When I was in school i lived on my bike. I cycled to school, back from school and after school i went out on my bike too. It was all short rides though, this was miles away, but as it went on, and I got further i began to think i could do this. My target time was under 2hrs, and once i’d hit that my target was 1:30hrs, my first time was 1:28hrs which i was chuffed with. That was my first long ride. Last year, I entered my first event, the Pedal for Scotland – Challenge Ride which is 48 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh, which I completed in 3:25hrs, again under my target time of 3:30hrs. This year I’ve turned it up a notch though, and have at this time entered 6 events. Most around 60-70 miles, with a couple 100miles. Thats more miles in events than I did in total last year! So wish me luck!

Written by Stewart McKee on